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Classroom Management Plan
Bonnie F. Vining


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Classroom Management Plan
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I am still learning.

When students walk into my classroom, I want them to feel safe, comfortable, included, and purposeful. To this end, I pledge to do the following:

1. Treat everyone the way I want to be treated.
2. Be available and accessible.
3. Maintain and model a positive attitude.
4. Admit when I am mistaken or do not have an answer.
5. Get to know my students.

In return, I ask that my students do the following:

1. Keep an open mind, and be open to new people.
2. Do their best work.
3. Question and ask for clarification.
4. Respect themselves and others.
5. Take responsibility for their own actions and their own work.

A Democracy not a Dictatorship

I believe that we all have a voice, and that we should all have an opportunity to use it. Consequently, to provide for a positive and open learning environment free of distraction, my students and I will decide on classroom procedures and guidelines together at the beginning of the year. Areas that will be covered include:

1. Treatment of other people, other people's property, and school property,
2. Classroom voices and procedures for classroom discussion,
3. Late Assignments,
4. Absences/making up missed work,
5. Daily procedures, and
6. Consistent and fair consequences for not following the established classroom rules.

Preventive Discipline

1. Bell work
Students will be engaged in an activity as soon as they walk into class.
Activities may include journaling, silent reading, and vocabulary/grammar exercises.

2. Alternative activities
Students who finish a quiz, test, or timed writing before others, will have a designated activity so they can remain productive, engaged, and quiet.

3. Room arrangement
Student desks will be arranged in a navigable and accessible manner free of visual obstructions.

4. Praise
Students will be acknowledged by name, and their work and participation will receive positive and timely feedback.

When misbehavior cannot be prevented, the following consequences will be applied:

1. Isolated behaviors that cause a disruption to learning will be dealt with swiftly, consistently, and respectfully using established class-defined consequences.
2. Continued disruptions by one student may result in the student being respectfully removed from class.
3. Teacher/Student Conference may be held in order to discuss a specific behavior problem allowing me to gain insight into the student's action, so that I may provide helpful guidance.
4. Behavioral plans may be written in contract form for students who do not respond to conventional discipline.